People say I need to post selfies, so here I am. #tattooartist #facetats #facetattoos #beards #snapback #guyswithtattoos #guyswithink #guyswithglasses #samesweater #handsome #selfie #lag #pma #sorryimtaken #artist #artistlife #shoplife

I promise to always believe in you,
To always let you live,
To eat the pickles off your Big Mac,
To continue to believe I’m stronger than you (even though I’m not),
To watch the way your eyelids flutter when you sleep,
To look at pictures of you when you were young and wish I was there.

I promise to kiss your forehead,
To cuddle you on your bad days,
To never give up.

I promise to never expect more than you can give,
To sleep beside you and dream of endless futures with you,
To miss you when your gone, and cherish you when you’re here.

I promise to follow you to the ends of the earth—
To always try.
To except every opportunity that comes our way,
To laugh like fools, gossip like best friends, and protect each other like family.
Most of all, I promise to never stop loving you.

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so a lot has happened in my life since the start of the year. good and bad. car accidents, meeting the love of my life, losing a best friend, parents separating and having to close my studio. 

Today things have started looking up, landed a stint at a shop in a beach town for the summer. after that im not sure where ill go but it wont be back here, i need to start living my life. 

Its official, moving to sauble beach for the summer. After that who knows. Time to start living.

Work in progress, needs one more session of fine tuning #zombietattoo #portraittattoo #girlswithtattoos #girlswithink #realism #fusionink #cheyennehawk #thirteenmoonstattoo #thirteenmoons #guyswithtattoos #guyswithink #colourtattoo #bodymodification

He is dancing around like fools with no music on.
He is paint on new canvas.
He is Mohawks and tattoos, rough and misunderstood.
He is grasping palms and bed sheets.
He is piercing eyes and lips sweeter than candy.

I am sleepless nights and fears of failure.
I am low self esteem and one too many drinks.
I am joints, philosophy, and understanding.
I am selfish and broken.
I am razor blades and rose peddles.

And I’ll never understand how those hands that create new worlds, and those eyes that fixate on uneven lines, don’t feel and see the flaws inside of me.

I lighten his darks and he deepens my colours, And My broken shards of glass fit into the holes in his heart like puzzle pieces.

Together, we are lost, scared, anxious, and in love.

Steffanie Kollatos (via steffaniekay)

(via steffaniekay)



so it begins…  😍

This was done by my buddy zombiejoey at thirteenmoons owned by my babe alextollar in Brantford, ON